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  • One thing this article gets wrong is the usage of REDkit.
    To quote from the mod page:

    Q: Is it made with redkit?
    A: Not really, I spent 2.5+ years on making this mod, there were a bunch of tools which I used, including some ehich I had to write myself (wolvenkit Json converter, many python scripts for processing entities, meshes, generating setup scenes etc). The mod is built in radish system. Redkit was helpful in fixing some animation bugs on last development stages.

    So it did help, but this mod probably could have been released without the new mod tools.

  • Never used Shopify unfortunately, so I can’t help you with that.

    The way I tag media is using MediaElch. It requires manually going through each series and identifying it, but with your proper naming it should give decent suggestions already.
    If some metadata is missing for single episodes, try changing the metadata provider, sometimes one or the other just has bad/incomplete data.