The Steam winter sales are here, up to the 4rth of January.

What game did you enjoy playing and want to share with the community, and why?

It’s like a mini (or a bit larger) review for the people in the community to discover your loved game, and get it for a smaller price. Also remember to share a link to the store page to help people find the game.

The game must be on sale currently and must not be a free to play game, or what would be point of this post.

The release date doesn’t matter. Neither the sale amount. If you enjoyed the game, it should be shared.

You can put the game type/tags at the beginning of your comment if you wish so, it may help other people.

Please a single game per comment if you post a review.

I’ll start in the comments.

    35 months ago

    I’ve been playing Bomb Rush Cyberfunk and Automation/ mostly but I’ve been severely addicted to the free demo for Half Sword. It’s the most brutal, jankiest medieval combat simulator I’ve ever played and it’s as frustrating as it is fun. I can’t stop playing it.